Get to Know J Fontaine Accounting LLC

J Fontaine Accounting LLC is located in Lincoln, Rhode Island and is an expert in all areas of accounting, taxes, consulting, and business services.

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Working with us

Welcome to J Fontaine Accounting LLC

Welcome to J Fontaine Accounting LLC, where we are dedicated to providing comprehensive business services in Lincoln, Rhode Island. We specialize in working with small businesses, particularly those in the trades and professional service sectors.

Our Core Services

We offer a suite of financial services designed to streamline your business operations and ensure financial stability. In other words, we're here to handle the tough stuff while you focus on what you do best:

  • Weekly Payroll: We make sure your team gets paid accurately and on time. Our payroll services are perfect for businesses like plumbing, electrical, and construction contractors.

  • Monthly Bookkeeping: We keep your financial records organized and up-to-date. Our bookkeeping services are ideal for busy professionals like dentists, doctors, and psychologists who need consistent financial oversight.

  • Quarterly Tax Planning: We help you strategize to minimize tax liabilities, which is crucial for independent contractors and business owners who face complex tax situations.

  • Annual Tax Preparation: We prepare and file your taxes accurately year after year, giving you peace of mind whether you run a small construction company, a private medical practice, or another type of venture.

These services work seamlessly together to provide a comprehensive financial management solution -- we're a one-stop shop for all of your business financial needs.

Who We Help

At [comapnyName], we work with Rhode Island business owners in a variety of industries. Some of our specialties include:

  • Tradespeople: Plumbers, electricians, and contractors who need reliable support with QuickBooks, payroll, and tax notices. We ensure your business runs smoothly without the need for an in-house office staff.

  • Professional Services: Psychotherapists, psychologists, dentists, and doctors who value professional financial management. We help you maintain financial health and compliance without the overhead of a full-time administrative team.

We understand the unique challenges faced by these businesses, from managing cash flow to avoiding large tax liabilities through proactive planning.

Why Choose Us?

Our commitment to client satisfaction sets J Fontaine Accounting LLC apart. When you choose us, you'll get:

  • Dedicated Support: We serve a select number of clients, allowing us to provide focused and responsive service. More than half of our clients are business owners, including many in the medical and trade sectors.

  • Timely Communication: We guarantee to answer your calls within 24 hours, ensuring that contractors and healthcare professionals get the support they need promptly.

  • Affordable Value: We offer budgeted services that include consulting time with monthly bookkeeping, delivering high value at an affordable cost.

Unlike many firms that offer annual or quarterly bookkeeping, our monthly service provides greater value by keeping your finances continuously updated. Our boutique business services come with extensive experience, guiding startups from inception to generating over $4 million to $5 million in sales.

We excel in helping businesses get organized and structured, doing everything that other firms don't. Whether you're an electrician needing payroll support, a dentist requiring detailed bookkeeping, or a psychotherapist looking for tax planning, we have the expertise to help you succeed.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist your business in Lincoln, Rhode Island. Contact us today at (401) 692-5621 or by jim@jfontaineaccounting.com for a free consultation.